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Cracked Uses Industrial Furniture to Enhance Its Décor

Industrial Restaurant Interior Design

Cracked By Adrianne was founded in 2019 with the goal of creating a maximum flavor style menu with all the dishes made from organic or free-range ingredients. This concept was created by Chef Adrianne Calvo who has been impressing guests with her creative dishes for over a decade. Adrianne also tries to support small, family-run farms that grow food in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Her concept for a unique restaurant started off as a food truck down by the Wharf before she moved into her new restaurant with an expanded menu that includes tasty creations such her fried chicken sandwich, truffle pepperoni pizza, fries and filet mignon steak sandwich among many other popular dishes. Chef Adrianne, best known for her white table cloth spot in West Kendall was looking forward to joining the growing number of fast-casual eateries - what she calls fine-casual dining.

Located in the trendy, upscale South Miami neighborhood, a restaurant here has to be good because residents have high expectations. South Beach is a wealthy neighborhood popular with tourists. It is also home to many celebrities such as Matt Damon, Enrique Iglesias, Oprah, Phil Collins and many more. Cracked Restaurant has a great vibe with a rustic/modern motif with a contemporary, farmhouse vibe. Adding to the modern farmhouse vibe are egg shaped light fixtures and the pop of green from the live plants. Plain vases with baby’s breath on the table add a simple, yet elegant touch, so minimal, but speak volumes. There's a variety of seating areas from a simple two seat table, a long banquette against a wall, to the long counter where you can watch the chefs in action.

Industrial Restaurant Interior Design

The decor is incredibly inviting and trendy with industrial lights and greenery on the outside and the modern and hip decor of the inside. The venue also has a back bar area that was set up like a hotel lounge. The bright and airy interior makes good use of large windows, high ceilings and light colored walls. The dining room is large but booths and small round tables with wood chairs create an intimate mood. The seating is laid out in an open way that facilitates social interaction where guests can have their own private table or sit at a counter facing an open kitchen watching their food being made. The restaurant also has hardwood floors which go well with the wood tables and metal and wood chairs.

industrial restaurant chairs on location

Dark Grey Metal Chairs

Dark grey metal chairs with wood back and seat were added as part of the industrial design of the restaurant. The modern industrial look of the chair’s frame combined with the warmth of the wood seat and back match perfectly with the rest of the interior. The warm earthly tones of the restaurant create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere during the day which turns into an intimate setting in the evenings with the use of dim light reflecting off the wooden surfaces of the tables and seating.
industrial restaurant bar stools on location

Dark Grey Metal Bar Stools

Matching industrial bar stools around the open kitchen counter and the bar enhance the industrial look even more and help to consolidate the various sittings areas into one cohesive space. In addition to great food and service, the metal and wood combination of the bar stools and chairs together with the rest of the restaurant furniture also give the restaurant a truly fine-casual dining atmosphere helping to make the restaurant a hip and inviting place.