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Crimson Hearth - Spokane, WA

Crimson Hearth - Spokane

With a desire to make fresh, made-from-scratch dishes and to create a warm, welcoming dining experience, Crimson Hearth has become an extension of the Pedersen home, serving European style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner all guests are made to feel welcome in the popular Spokane restaurant, The restaurant is run and owned by Rick Pederson, whose recipes and style of cooking come from his Danish grandmother from when he lived on a farm in Iowa.

The restaurant has an inviting & comfortable ambiance, attentive personable service & well-crafted food. The modern interior design is minimalist yet comfortable in a Scandinavian style with white chairs and tables contrasting with black booths. The Crimson Hearth features high ceilings and whitewashed walls with black trim decorated with flowing wide red ribbons. Large Danish style square pane windows that let in natural light come with white shades to match the decor. Simple filament hanging lights creating the soft glowing effect of falling stars which makes guests feel as though they were in a winter wonderland.

Padded back wood chair

Black and White Themed Decor done Right

The interior design in Crimson Hearth has an open and airy feel that gives customers enough space to enjoy their meals. For their seating plan they chose a combination of tables, chairs and dining booths. For booth seating plain back booths upholstered in black vinyl. These match the black window and door frames, the black trim and the black cords for the hanging lights. The sleek looking booths fit in with the Scandinavian design and provide comfortable seating. The booths also provide privacy for guests to enjoy their meals and maximize floor space.

Premium  padded back restaurant wood chairs

Wood Restaurant Chairs

To provide comfortable seating and flexibility in changing seating arrangements, padded wood back chairs were chosen. The stylish chairs are American made and upholstered in white with black frame finish. The luxurious restaurant chairs match the black and white color scheme creating a cohesive look that pairs well with the black plain back booths. The chair’s black, solid wood frame encapsulates the pristine white upholstery becoming an integral part of the decor.
solid wood plank table tops

Solid Wood Table Tops

To go with the chairs and booths, solid wood plank table tops were added. The wood tops come in white finish to match the chairs and booth and to blend naturally with the white decor and black trim. The solid wood shows Pederson’s commitment to providing the highest quality furnishings for his restaurant and upgrades its image with a sophisticated look. The white table tops also give the restaurant a more European look and feel, enhancing its overall image.
crimson hearth restaurant

While the Crimson Hearth is a popular dining spot the owners are also involved in philanthropy and like to give back to the community and help those in need, including small businesses that need help. In an effort to help the community in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis they restarted their Founder’s Card Program. When customers purchase a $250.00 Founders Card (which will also act as a gift card) they not only upload an extra $50.00 to the card but will also add an extra 10% to it. Their goal is to give 10% of their earnings back to the community. Also, every year on Christmas eve one of the owners takes food and supplies over to downtown Spokane to try and help those in need and to make sure everyone can have a Merry Christmas.

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