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Our Restaurant Booths Enhance Divieto Ristorante Decor

Divieto Ristorante

Guests will enjoy authentic Italian food at Divieto a casual dining experience with the quality and service you expect from a fine dining venue with a relaxed and welcoming environment. The menu offers a wide selection of classic Italian favorites with a touch of American flare everyone will love. Divieto – Italian for "prohibition" – offers a modern version of 1920's New York with a decor and vibe that take you back to the thrilling years of flappers, Italian mobsters, and Prohibition that saw the cultural fusion that gave way to the second most loved cuisine in America.

Italian Restaurant

Located in Doral, a suburb of Miami, Diveieto Ristorante also has two other locations in Estero and Aventura. The restaurant is housed in a large, grand building with a typically Miami art deco look and plenty of patio seating. The interior design will transports guests to the past with its distinctive 1920’s decor complete with checkerboard tile flooring and brown brass gilded ceiling panels. Adding to the traditional theme are classic incandescent light fixtures. The ambient lighting combined with the dark wood paneling and dining booths help create a cozy dining experience. Live music playing American and Italian hits adds to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

restaurant furniture on location

Getting it Right

The unmistakable 1920’s look can be seen throughout the large dining room, from the heavy red curtains that create a separate space for larger parties to wood paneling on the walls and even the decorations on the glass dividers. No design element was left to chance. Large, low hanging light fixtures and the wood chairs and tables join the padded booths to create a lush, inviting atmosphere that almost transfers the diner to that evocative era.
Button Tufted Back Booths

Button Tufted Back Booths

One of the main focal points in the large room are button tufted back booths upholstered in black vinyl. The booths which are made in the USA by skilled American craftsmen blend in perfectly with the classic old school motif of the Prohibition era and offer more than just comfortable seating. They actually became an integral part of the design as well as maximizing the restaurant’s floor space providing guests with much desired privacy.

Divieto offers over 70 signature Italian dishes, from thin crust pizzas to their signature Ruota di Parmigiano, and their bar showcases a wide selection of Italian, American and International wines that pair well with their entrées, a traditional cocktail list as well as a house list of 1920’s inspired drinks is available. Divieto is also active in the community with Feed the Frontlines Miami which supports other Miami restaurants by creating opportunities for their employees to prepare and distribute free meals for hospital workers around the city.

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