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El Paso Mexican Grill - Houma, LA

El Paso Mexican Grill

Home to the World-Famous Sauza House Margarita, El Paso Mexican Grill is an authentic taste of Mexico with a hint of Cajun, offering a festive and colorful atmosphere for families, date-night, or just a stop at the bar.

At the El Paso, you can start your meal with a mouthwatering selection of appetizers. Enjoy the rich and flavorful choriqueso, crispy chicken wings, or spicy stuffed jalapenos. For those who love cheese, there is the queso dip served with warm tortilla chips. If you prefer something lighter, the bean dip is a delicious choice. Moving on to the main course, the lunch and dinner options are varied and delicious. Sink your teeth into the savory beef tacos or the hearty burritos. If you're in the mood for something crunchy, the tostadas are a delight. The fajitas offer a sizzling plate of meat – choose between chicken, ground beef, steak, or shrimp – cooked to perfection with bell peppers and onions. For those craving a Tex-Mex classic, the nachos menu has plenty to choose from. Try the steak, ground beef, chicken, or bean variation, topped with gooey melted cheese. If seafood is your preference, there is the option of shrimp nachos, quesadillas, and chimichangas. Traditional Mexican desserts are on offer, such as flan, sopapillas, fried ice cream, and Tres Leches cake.

For those yearning for drinks with the authentic taste of Mexico, a wide array of traditional Mexican spirits is readily available. Drawing from a rich culinary heritage, El Paso offers a delightful range of options. Top of the list is, of course, Tequila - a beloved and iconic Mexican spirit. Whether sipped neat or enjoyed in expertly crafted cocktails, Tequila showcases the craftsmanship and dedication of Mexico's distilling traditions. For those seeking a refreshing burst of flavor, fresh fruit margaritas captivate the senses. The vibrant hues of blended fruits intertwine harmoniously with the tangy kick of lime, resulting in a deliciously sweet yet tart concoction. For Mexican beer enthusiasts, a myriad of choices abounds, with brands like Corona and Dos Equis.

restaurant furniture on location

The dining room is a vibrant and lively space, with a design that embraces the authenticity of traditional Mexican culture. The table tops shown are similar to our Wood Grain Resin Table Tops. The walls are adorned with traditional Mexican murals and wall art, showcasing the rich history and heritage of the culture and the room is illuminated by recessed ceiling spotlights that create a cool and inviting ambiance. To further enhance the authentic feel, traditional Mariachi music fills the air, transporting diners to Mexico's lively streets. The 4 channel booths along the wall are similar to our 3 and 6 channel upholstered back booths, providing an out of the way corner for couples or intimate groups. These booths, shown with optional head roll, provide just the right accent to the overall energy of the room and can be manufactured in any length, height, or shape.

When El Paso decided on its dining room seating, our durable metal ladder back chairs were the obvious choice, with a 16 gauge fully welded steel frame including an under-seat reinforcement bar for durability and a sandblasted black finish to add a sleek touch along with rust resistance. The vinyl upholstered seats in vivid colors, contribute to the room's vibrant atmosphere. Our chairs come with non-marring plastic glides to ensure the lasting integrity of the tile flooring. Because of their commercial grade construction, they also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

restaurant furniture on location

Understanding the need for long lasting, premium commercial grade seating, El Paso ordered 180 frames with 45 each of the vibrant red, blue, green, and yellow vinyl padded seats. A one-time investment, these chairs can withstand high traffic and constant use for years to come. The colors blend perfectly with the room’s vibrant energy and the design fits perfectly with the overall atmosphere.

If you’re in the mood for an unsurpassed Mexican atmosphere and in the Houma area, this is the perfect spot for an authentic and memorable dining experience.

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