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Four Regions Thai Cuisine - Spring, TX

Four Regions Thai Cuisine - Spring, TX

Showcasing the diverse and rich flavors from different regions of Thailand with Executive Chef Kin Dee at the helm, Four Regions Thai Cuisine has been serving happy customers since their opening several years ago in Spring, TX. The philosophy behind the food is to offer fare native to four specific areas of Thailand, including Bangkok, North, Northseat, and the Southern region of the country. This unique approach allows curious guests to have an authentic Thai experience, with those who have visited the country reminiscing over their favorite dish, and those who haven’t been given the opportunity to see first hand the variations and vast menu options available.


Embodying the traditional Thai decor style, the restaurant’s interior features rich browns and tans, with authentic artwork lining one full wall, and faux rattan chairs offering a summery, holiday vibe. The space is quite welcoming and open, and the choice of color gives a subtle and comforting feel.

restaurant seating

The tan paneled walls and ceiling, paired with the hanging pendant lighting and full floor to ceiling windows, creates an airy and somewhat tropical energy, while the faux marble table tops provide a bit of class and modernity. The polished wood floor rounds out the space, setting the tone for the furniture and wall art. The decor includes dramatic wallpaper depicting Thai temples and black-and-gold plates, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere.

Aluminum Bamboo Patio Chair

Perfectly complementing both the indoor and outdoor seating areas, this chair’s bamboo and faux rattan construction accentuates the Asian-influenced design style of the venue. Offering a light, holiday feel, the black and white rattan and brown aluminum bamboo frame meld with the warm and earthy tones of the restaurant to create a pleasing blend of tropical and contemporary elements, enhancing customer experience and ensuring repeat business.

restaurant seating

Providing a versatile seating solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Aluminum Bamboo Patio Chair is designed to be weather and water resistant, while maintaining its exotic look for years under heavy use. The lightweight yet durable aluminum frame is crafted to look like bamboo, while the faux woven rattan on the seat and back offer comfort, support, and visual interest. Plastic caps protect the floor from scratches, and the stacking capacity of up to 6 chairs high allows for convenient storage in the off season.

Gold Square Stainless Steel Table Base

Gold holds deep cultural significance in Thai tradition, symbolizing wealth, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. Its use in design elements can evoke the grandeur of Thai temples and royal palaces, making diners feel immersed in the richness of Thai heritage. Its use in the table base highlighted below adds depth and character to this already notable space.

restaurant seating

Similar to the table base shown above, the Gold Square Stainless Steel Table Base is crafted with 18-gauge stainless steel with a striking gold finish guests will notice and appreciate. The table base is available in a variety of sizes, including the 5" x 22" T Base, 17" x 17", 24" x 24", Table, and Bar heights, making it a perfect fit in a variety of professional settings. Equipped with non-marring glides to ensure stability and floor protection, it comes with all necessary hardware for assembly. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this base is versatile, beautiful, and an excellent addition to any interior or patio space.

For an authentic Thai experience without the cost of a plane ticket, the Four Regions Thai Cuisine is the perfect place to visit. Check out their menu and hours at Four Region Thai Cuisine Website.

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