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Havana Grill - Miami, FL

Havana Grill

Husband and Wife Elvin and Jolly Garcia, along with owner Carlos Rodriguez have opened Havana Grill - Authentic Cuban Cuisine at 3748 Astrozon Blvd. Rodriguez, who had three successful eateries in Miami, oversees the kitchen at this new venture.

Authentic Cuisine and Decor

The Miami transplants are serving Cuban dishes that are getting rave reviews from fans in search of Cuban coffee (espresso with sugar), Cuban sandwiches and big hearty Cuban breakfasts. They moved the eatery to a much larger space at 2165 Academy Place which was a formal bridal shop. The place was refurbished with shiny hardwood floors, fresh paint and new lights brightening up the massive dining area with Navajo white walls and colorful artwork used throughout the restaurant. Large windows throughout the venue provide plenty of natural light and nice views. In-keeping with the Latin theme, the interior has large Spanish style arched doorways painted in Caribbean lime green, which is also used as the backdrop for the bar.

3/4 button tufted booth and resin table top

In addition to dining, the restaurant also has a large dance floor and there is live entertainment. Havana Grill hosts a Latin Saturday Night every weekend with live entertainment which draws hundreds of people and there is karaoke on Friday nights. With five pool tables, three domino tables and an arcade area in addition to the dance floor there is plenty to keep everyone having a good time. Havana Grill serves authentic Cuban Cuisine in Colorado Springs, CO. The Cuban Inspired eatery is filled with the amazing flavors and smells that owner’s Mr. Garcia & Mr. Rodriguez grew up Experiencing in their childhood in Colorado Springs, CO. From the Iconic Palomilla Steak w/ Black Beans & Rice to our Variety of Authentic Cuban Sandwiches. The vast menu is full of Cuban delights, but not overwhelming. In addition to the many traditional Cuban dishes they offer such as vaca fita and pan con bistec sandwiches, they also serve empanadas, wraps, burgers and Cuban pastries. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a coffee shop as well as a full service bar.

Button Tufted Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booths

For comfortable seating, the owners of Havana Grill chose handcrafted button tufted booths upholstered in black, premium vinyl. The American made restaurants booths give customers a sense of privacy to enjoy a more intimate experience. The booths also give the restaurant a more prestigious look without being overly-pretentious. They also flowed nicely with the decor, improving the restaurant’s overall image.
Curved Back Wood Restaurant Chair

Restaurant Tables

Good looking tables that didn’t bust their budget were important for the owners; it was also important that they be durable and withstands high traffic. The dual tone resin table tops in mahogany and cherry finish were a wise choice. The tables are scratch and stain resistant which helps them look new for years. The finish also matches the new hardwood flooring and embodies the natural look of wood. Another advantage to the resin table tops is they are very hygienic and easy to sanitize.

For the bar, classic ladder back metal bar stools in black frame finish with black vinyl seats were added. The black frames matched the other metal chairs and the black vinyl also flowed seamlessly with the dining booths. The nice thing about the ladder back style is that it can go well with any decor or theme. The ladder back is a timeless beauty which will never go out of style, making it America’s favorite bar stool.

The combination of the décor with the furniture came together to complete the look they were going for and how and created an impressive and welcoming design upgrading the look of Havana Grill from just another eatery to a respected venue for the community to enjoy Cuban cuisine and a vibrant, Latin atmosphere.

restaurant ladder back metal bar stools and cross back metal chairs

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