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Historic Portsmouth Culinary Delight - Nibblesworth


Jenny Nelson fulfilled her lifelong dream of being the chef of her own restaurant when she opened Nibblesworth Wood Fire Grill in 2017 in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The restaurant was opened by Jenny Nelson and her husband Tom. The menu features cuisine from many different cultures, including German and Polish from Jenny's family heritage. The menu also feature French and Asian dishes as she also drew on her culinary experience having interned at the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris and having worked in Asian restaurants. The menu also features an eclectic mix of other cuisines and creations by chef Jenny.

Located in the Hillin Portsmouth historic North End, which was once a prominent Italian neighborhood that comprises 12 buildings saved during the Vaughn Street Urban Renewal Project carried out from 1968-1979. Just four buildings remain on their original foundation, one of them being the Nutter-Rhymes house which Nibblesworth occupies for its restaurant. The Nutter-Rhymes House is a historic landmark built in 1809 by local joiner and carpenter James Nutter and Christopher Rymes, who was a local merchant. The house consists of 2 separate buildings which are joined together by a carriageway. Jenny appreciated the deep historical roots the house had and inspired her to open her restaurant there.

When Jenny was preparing for her grand opening, she approached us for assistance in creating a seating plan and for advice on what furniture to buy. She was impressed with the selection and the many options available on the website and seeked expertise from the knowledgeable sales representatives on which products would be a good fit for her establishment. She was also happy that Restaurant had competitive prices so she knew she was getting a great deal.

industrial style restaurant furniture

Industrial Restaurant Tables

For tables she decided to go with the industrial series walnut pinewood table tops. The wood table tops are made from high quality pinewood with a light walnut finish and are great for indoor seating and fit in perfectly with her restaurant's rustic decor. The tops come in multiple sizes which made it easy for Jenny to find the right fit. Another advantage is that the industrial series table tops are very durable and scratch resistant. There are also a wide range of table bases to choose from which come separately, so she was able to find the perfect base to match.
industrial style restaurant furniture

Swivel Backless Metal Bar Stool

When it came to seating, Jenny chose Restaurant's industrial series metal chair with wood back and seat and matching backless swivel bar stool. The wood comes in a distressed look in a walnut finish which matches the industrial series table tops. The chairs and bar stools are built with a sturdy metal frame that will last for many years and are great for heavy usage. The chairs and bar stools also have a modern design with a vintage look which was just the look Jenny was going for to go with the building's historical image.
industrial style restaurant furniture

Appetizers include unique dishes such as bacon fat popcorn, goat cheese mousse, rouladen perogies, chicken lollipops, lobster tacos and classics such as grilled oysters and seafood stew. Entrees include local favorites like fisherman's pie andand vintage butchery chop as well as dishes from her French training such as Frenched chicken. Asian dishes include Koji aged strip and the pork belly Kluski dish reflects her proud Polish side. Diners would be remiss if they didn't save room for her delicious desserts which includes house donuts, grilled with a cider glaze, cranberry clafoutis and tres chocolates which is layers of brownie, custard and souffle. Most of the dishes served have gluten-free and vegetarian options. Jenny aims for 90% of her menu to be made from scratch, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

The interior decor and furniture only help to enhance the dining experience. The elegant industrial bar stools and chairs combined with the matching industrial tables, help give Nibblesworth a more authentic look and feel. The walnut table tops blend in perfectly with the ambiance adding to the interior’s quaint image. The texture and color of the tables were enhanced by the abundant natural light, highlighting the restaurant’s earthy tones.

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