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Kritunga - Hoffman Estates, IL

Kritunga - Hoffman Estates, IL

Known in the Chicago area as the some of the best Indian cuisine in town, Kritunga was started by a group of four in 2022 with a vision to bring the taste of authentic flavors from India to the region. Named from a shortened form for Krishna and Thungabhadra, there is a restaurant in Hyderabad with the same name, and there they serve dishes which are famous in the region between Krishna and Thungabhadra rivers.

“Amazing food. Seems like all the spices and flavors are made fresh in-house and all the food is unlike any Indian restaurant I've ever been to,” a yelp reviewer noted. With handpicked spices, farm-fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers markets, and a chef with over 20 years’ experience in the finest Indian restaurants, patrons can be sure they are getting only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, no matter the time of year.

Menu & Design

Offering a variety of traditional Indian cuisine, Kritunga provides a meat and vegetarian menu, catering to the diverse preferences of its clientele. The meat dishes include chicken dhania, goat sukka, and masala fish fry. Vegetarian options include kadai paneer, made from fresh homemade cottage cheese cubes cooked with mild spices, and the classic mixed vegetable curry.

restaurant seating

The interior embodies traditional Indian design style, with the crimson booths, burnt orange walls, and classically designed wallpaper with symbols of the home country. A mix of track lighting and hanging pendants help maintain the ethnic atmosphere, and the modern vibe and uncluttered décor style allows the food to be the focal point of the dining experience.

6-Channel Back Booth & Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Top

Both the 6-Channel Back Booth and the Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Top can help in creating a warm and welcoming environment that aligns with the traditional Indian hospitality and dining experience. They can be incorporated into the restaurant's design to reflect the cultural heritage and charm of India while providing functional and comfortable dining options for the guests.

6-Channel Booth

6-Channel Back Booth

Our 6-Channel Booth, shown above in red, is manufactured, assembled, and upholstered in the USA with American made materials. Utilizing high-density foam padding, the booth can be upholstered in mix and match vinyl and fabric on the seat and back. Fully customizable in height, shape, and length, this booth can fit into almost any design theme. Offering users a more private dining experience than at a table, booth seating is in high demand with customers, and will be a welcome addition to any space.

Solid Wood Butcher Block Table Top

Solid Wood butcher Block Table Top

Made in America using locally responsibly sourced hardwood, this table top is available in bullnose or eased edges. It boasts a 1 ½” thick surface, and a 2” thick top is also on offer. Customizable in shape and size, this top will suit any interior design preference. Available in 5 distinct finish options, each using a 7-stage staining process for durability and aesthetic appeal, custom finishes are offered for additional cost. It is also available with a drop leaf, allowing for flexibility in seating larger parties.

Wood Grain Metal Chair

The wood grain metal chair can fit into a traditional Indian restaurant design by complementing the warm and inviting ambiance typically found in Indian restaurants. The wood grain finish of the chair adds a rustic and natural element, which can enhance the traditional and authentic feel of the restaurant. The simple and timeless design of the chair can blend seamlessly with traditional Indian decor, which often features rich colors, ornate patterns, and intricate details.

restaurant seating

Our Wood Grain Metal Chair, shown above with black vinyl seat and walnut wood-look finish, offers a minimalist and classy touch to any commercial space. Coming standard with premium black vinyl upholstery, this chair will provide the look of a wood furniture piece without the hassle or upkeep. Its resilient finish won’t scratch or scuff like wood, ensuring this chair has a long life in the most demanding of restaurant settings.

The next time you are in Chicago, visit this unique establishment. Serving memorable food in an authentic atmosphere, Kritunga is not to be missed.

Find out more about the restaurant at Kritunga Website

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