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Newly Designed Oyster Boy Reopened in Redwood City

Distressed industrial restaurant bar stools

Established in 2019 Oyster Boy Seafood & Raw Bar is a newly renovated Japanese-American seafood fusion restaurant and bar. They were previously operated for more than 13 years by the owners of Suisha House Japanese Bistro.

Located in Redwood City, in Silicon Valley home to tech giants like Oracle, Shutterfly and Electronic Arts, Oyster Boy delivers a unique and innovative dining experience to the Bay Area. They use fresh, seasonal ingredients from the surrounding region. These flavors combine to reflect the diversity of the menu options to provide customers with the ultimate dining experience. At Oyster Boy, traditionally trained Japanese chefs are inspired by global flavors. The chefs use cutting-edge techniques to a create a new style of cuisine that is delicious, fresh and healthy.

At Oyster Boy diners can enjoy the fusion of delicacies and flavors of authentic Japanese cuisine such as seared truffle salmon rolls or aji panca charred pork belly rice bowl to give customers the ultimate dining experience. Their delightful dishes can be paired with world-renowned beer, wine or sake. While seafood and Japanese cuisine is their main focus, other food such as microgreens to beef tacos are served at the peak of freshness. They are open for lunch or dinner and have a raw bar for sushi.

The Industrial Style Design

industrial style restaurant furniture

Industrial Metal Bar Stool

The newly renovated and reinvented Oyster Boy has a swanky, upscale ambiance that's a combination of contemporary and traditional Japanese decor. The bistro's modern architecture facilitates an eclectic decor consisting of unique lighting fixtures, art and a well balanced mix of wood and metal industrial style furniture emphasized using dark walnut industrial restaurant bar stools that would complement the bistro's modern decor and rustic design. The new restaurant was designed to create a unique dining experience where patrons could socialize, comfortably enjoying a full sensory experience in an upscale ambiance that fuses modern and traditional motifs with exceptional Japanese gastronomy.
industrial style restaurant furniture

Vintage Style Club Chairs

The seating layout was designed using our fully padded club chairs in a way that gives customers intimacy yet has an open design that gives the bistro a light and airy feel that allows patrons to fully enjoy the dining experience. He also turned to us for wood tables because of our reputation for high quality commercial furniture. For the seating, he went with vintage style metal chairs with a padded seat and back in light grey to blend in with the restaurant's brushed concrete floor and industrial motif. For tables, he chose solid wood table tops adding to Oyster Boy's texture, warmth and character, staying in line with popular refined, industrial trend.
Distressed industrial restaurant bar stools

In-keeping with certain aspects of industrial interior design, light fixtures were hung from the ceiling and elements such as ventilation were left visible. The concrete floor and lack of any non-functional wall decorations are also part of the motif.

To help make the room friendly and inviting warmth is infused into the interior with the help of wood table tops, chairs padded in light grey vinyl and bar stools with wood seats and backs as well as the yellow light from the low hanging fixtures. Navy-blue wall padding placed behind the wall bench is used to not only make the dining experience more comfortable but to also add a splash of color while still maintaining a minimalist design.

The combination of wood, textured walls behind the bar and blue padding combined with the concrete floor help to bring the various elements together and create a sophisticated and classy interior.

The menu includes a full range of sushi with classic favorites like spicy tuna rolls, salmon and tempura shrimp rolls and unique creations like Suisha House roll which has fried tuna, tobiko and sweet & creamy sauce. For starters they offer a range of oysters from all over the west coast from everywhere from Baja California to Humboldt Bay to Vancouver Island in Canada. Other appetizers include crispy calamari, chili miso popcorn shrimp and creamy grilled corn, among others. For the main course, patrons can choose from a variety of small plates (like tapas) with deicious dishes like grilled beef/chicken yakitori or big plates with sumptuous dishes like scallion butter grilled salmon, Fuji garlic butter rib-eye steak, wasabi butter Alaskan scallops, grilled octopus or Chilean Sea Bass, among many other dishes. They also serve sashimi, rice and noodle dishes, the lunch special comes with miso soup and a house salad, which includes a donburi bowl.

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