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Nunzio - Hilton Head Island, SC

Nunzio Mediterranean Restaurant

Located in Hilton Head Island, a popular resort town off the coast of South Carolina, Nunzio is well-known for its exceptional Italian food, a lively bar atmosphere, and relaxed hospitality with Italian charm. Nunzio's classic & contemporary Italian dishes perfectly portray the harmony between South Carolina and Italy. By evoking the simplicity of southern Italian food and combining locally sourced ingredients, Nunzio's menu delivers a bouquet of regional flavors. The upscale restaurant is known for its gourmet, authentic Italian dishes and its extensive wine list.

Mediterranean restaurant theme

Nunzio’s has built a sterling reputation for itself with rave reviews on popular websites and it was important for their interior design to reflect their dedication to excellence. This means not only curating a genuine Italian look and feel with modern vases, fine cutlery and contemporary lighting, but also providing premium furniture with a contemporary, European style. The finely upholstered chairs and booths contribute to this experience, creating a Tuscan ambiance. Customer also raved about how the service and overall interior design conveyed true Italian warmth.

Mediterranean restaurant theme

The restaurant has a posh look and feel that puts guests at ease. The seating plan uses a combination of deluxe booths and elegant chairs to allow their guests to enjoy their meal in comfort with an intimate feel. Fresh linen tablecloths and decorative pottery help enhance the refined look and feel of the restaurant. The delicate color scheme of Mediterranean blue, whitewashed walls and wood chairs with walnut finish further enhance this look.

The upscale restaurant has a clean, modern interior design with a Mediterranean motif. Picturesque photos of the Italian coast hang on the walls adding to the authentic feel and the dining room has blue indoor/outdoor carpeting resembling the sea. The egg shell white walls are a calming balance to the wood furniture and flooring. Nunzio’s also has a bar which leads out to a patio with large, framed glass doors. The bar has hardwood flooring which goes well with the solid wood bar stools.

X Back wood restaurant chair

Restaurant Chairs

For restaurant seating the owner bought American made X back wood chairs. With walnut finish and padded seats upholstered in blue vinyl. The chair’s natural walnut finish accentuated the Italian motif and the blue seats melded with the sea blue carpet and the Mediterranean decor. The X-Back chairs also blend in with the contemporary decor. The chairs are a great way for Nunzio to provide flexible seating and the walnut finish of the chairs is popular in Mediterranean themed restaurants.
3 Channels Back Booth

Restaurant Booth

For additional seating, Nunzio also ordered 3 channel back booth wall benches in 42” height back which is slightly taller than the regular height and offers more comfort and relaxation for guests. The wall benches are a great way to maximize floor space and are a great way to mix up the seating options with the X back chairs on the other side. For the booth upholstery the owner chose oyster wave fabric on the back and indigo blue vinyl on the seats. The blue and white upholstery fits in perfectly with the motif and enhanced the restaurant’s overall design.
Mediterranean restaurant theme

In addition to the chairs and wall benches the restaurant also has a bar area and a bar height nook with includes wood bar stools and bar height wall benches in vinyl upholstered seats. The bar height dining nook is a fun way for customers to enjoy a comfortable dining experience in style. Comfortable seating, strong footrests, ambiance lighting and a warm atmosphere combine with great food for a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Duna Style Wood Restaurant Bar Stool

Restaurant Bar Stools

For their bar, Nunzio’s was looking for comfortable seating that would meld with the Italian ambiance. They needed bar height seating for customers to sit at the counter where they could order drinks from the bar. They also wanted seating for diners who wanted to sit at bar height tables with wall benches. They chose premium US made Duna wood bar stools in walnut finish. The finish matches the chairs and the overall color scheme and it also blends in nicely with the solid wood floor. The Duna has an elegant look that accentuates the restaurant's upscale appearance.
Plank wood table top

Restaurant Tables

Nunzio’s ordered premium solid wood plank table tops. The table tops are made in the USA from solid wood. They ordered the tables in walnut finish to match the chairs and bar stools and blend in with the rest of the decor. The natural look and feel of the wood table tops help complete the restaurant and give it a prestigious look. The tables are very sturdy and are the perfect accompaniment to the booths, chairs and bar stools. Nunzio's also purchased X prong table bases in regular height and bar height to support the table tops.

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