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Poppa’s Buffet and Grill - Brookhaven, MS

Poppa’s Buffet and Grill

If there’s one thing the South knows how to do it’s fry up chicken and fish to perfection. At Poppa’s, they serve them both with a whole range of down-home sides like savory hush puppies and macaroni and cheese. They take pride in using fresh ingredients and season them just right so the true flavor of each dish shines through in your meal. The restaurant’s interior design resembles the owner’s spirit of Southern pride with photos of rural barn houses adorning the wood paneled walls which are painted white. The dining room also features large, low hanging light fixtures, similar to what one might find in a meat-packing plant, giving the restaurant a uniquely rural, industrial ambiance.

Poppa’s Buffet and Grill Interior Decor

The custom overlay laminate table tops are a great addition to the restaurant booths (shown below) and wood X-Back chairs. The durable table tops in neutral tones blend-in perfectly with the rest of the décor without distracting people from enjoying a great southern meal. The color scheme of the table tops and the rest of the seating creates a relaxing mood that makes guests feel more at home. The table tops also have the dual advantage of the extremely durable laminate finish and the natural beauty of the wood trim.

restaurant chairs and tables

In keeping with the rustic theme, Poppa’s Buffet and Grill also has hardwood flooring in natural finish. They also have a large expansive dining room with plenty of tables and chairs and large windows for natural lighting. The popular restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere that is family oriented. The interior has a rustic charm reflecting the southern hospitality they have become known for. The restaurant also has a large dining area with tables and chairs with a large projection screen that can be used for business conferences.

plain back restaurant booths

Custom Restaurant Booths

It was important for the owner of Poppa’s Buffet and Grill to provide comfortable seating for his customers and our plain back single booths are just the right thing. The American made booths offer guests a cozy, private place to enjoy their meals and also makes efficient use of the floor space. The booths fit in with the rustic look and the blue upholstery also blends in with the cream colored wood panels and the blue sky in many of the large, pastoral photographs on the wall.
wood X back restaurant chairs

Wood Restaurant Chairs

The rest of the seating is comprised of stackable wood X back chairs. The wood chairs’ natural finish nicely complements the rustic motif and the hardwood flooring helping to add to the venue’s country charm. Since the chairs are lightweight and stackable, this gives the owner the ability to easy adjust the seating requirements and keep some additional chairs in storage for overflow. The stylish chairs are just the right look and help to add warmth and natural beauty to the dining area.

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