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Rachel’s Southern Style Restaurant - Watkinsville, GA

Rachel’s Southern Style Restaurant - Watkinsville, GA

Rachel’s Southern Style Restaurant is where you will find down home dishes for your southern dining experience. Rachel’s serves traditional soul food dishes such as country fried steak and fried chicken salad with all the fixings. They also make home pies and traditional southern desserts such as banana pudding. The restaurant is located in historic Watkinsville, Georgia which was once part of the dangerous western frontier of the United States.

With a 4.5 overall review on Tripadvisor this American style restaurant not only looks the part it also has the reviews to prove it. Rachel's Southern Style restaurant rates as #3 of 31 restaurants in Watkinsville so if you are ever in the area, be sure to try their hearthy and delicious southern cuisine.

Country style restaurant theme

The restaurant's interior lets you know exactly what to expect as soon as you walk in. From the color palette used to the wall decorations and the furniture, they all say southern American comfort food. With a hand written menu at the counter and a large well lit room visitors will instantly feel at ease especially when met with the friendly service Rachel's is well known for.

The restaurant has a country look that helps create a pastoral ambiance; The floors are made of solid plank wood while the vanilla colored walls are adorned with vintage style photos showcasing the town’s history and rural roots with barnyard images and grainy pictures of the town’s past. Adding to the rustic theme are farm relics such as old windmill blades. Large windows with old school wooden blinds let in plenty of natural light, contributing to the rustic feel.

Reclaimed Style Plain Back Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booths

Rachel wanted to make sure her guests enjoyed their experience so she installed plain back restaurant booths upholstered in fine Caribbean blue vinyl, providing her customers with both privacy and comfort. Made in the US, the dining booths come with boxed seat frames made of reclaimed style wood. The reclaimed wood blends well with the flooring, which also has a reclaimed wood look similar to what one might see on an old, rural barn giving the booths an authentic country look. The booths, which are made of premium, commercial strength padded foam are very comfortable and fit in perfectly with the rustic decor.
Vertical Slat Wood Restaurant Chair

Restaurant Chairs

For additional seating she chose elongated vertical slats restaurant chairs. The chairs have a wood frame in a dark finish which blends in well with the wood floors and the decor. The chairs were upholstered in Caribbean blue vinyl padded seats, matching the restaurant booths. Their classic look fits in well with the restaurant’s look and feel while also allowing for more flexibility when planning seating arrangements in case Rachel needed to reconfigure the seating for special events. The chairs are built for durability and meant to withstand the heavy demands of a busy restaurant.
Country style restaurant theme

To go with the chairs and booths, reclaimed look laminate table tops fit the bill perfectly. The laminate table tops have a vintage, weathered look that perfectly matches the box frame of the booths. The finish also blends seamlessly with the wood flooring and the wood trim along the walls. The tables feature large planks of wood that appears reclaimed. They really help bring together the restaurant’s themed décor and are the perfect complement for the wood chairs transforming Rachel’s from just another eatery into a true soul-food diner. The combination of the booths, chairs and natural beauty of the furniture and decor creates a warm ambiance that offers guests true southern hospitality.

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