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Restaurant Furniture Installations - Atlanta

Atlanta skyline

Atlanta is the most populous city in the state of Georgia. With a population of almost half a million people, Atlanta is the cultural and economic center of the metropolitan area, primarily due to the vast immigration communities there. Although southern culture is the fabric of the society in Atlanta, it is one of the backdrops to the nation’s most cosmopolitan cities in the Southeast. The city's unique cultural combination reveals itself through a variety of music halls, theaters, the arts district in Midtown, an array of eateries and drinking spots, sports centers, and parks.

Whether you are a retailer in Atlantic station, or run a swanky restaurant in Buckhead, experts at are available to facilitate you with your seating layout for your venue. Described as a melting pot of subcultures and the Bohemian center of the South, Atlanta offers a vibrant dining scene to locals and visitors alike. Over the years we have helped business owners in a variety of industries determine which furniture would make their establishments impressionable among customers in Atlanta.

Akademia Brewing Company

Metal Industrial Style Bar Stools

Industrial Restaurant Furniture

Turning an industrial space into a hospitable and relaxing location can be challenging to say the least. Akademia Brewing managed to turn their place into a warm and inviting locale. Using the warmth of walnut finish wood table tops in combination with light grey metal chairs they were able to create an airy, well lit interior which showcases the industrial aspect of the brewery and invites customers to sit down for a meal and drink. Children are also welcome in this family friendly venue.

Image features the FRU-72311 Silver Metal Bar Stool
Metal Industrial Style Chairs and Bar Stools

Metal Restaurant Chairs

The industrial style metal chairs in silver finish and matching bar stools are a perfect fit for the large space. They also fit in perfectly with the wood barrels and table tops and add to the bright spacious atmosphere created by the large windows on one side and the low hanging industrial light fixtures.

Mona Lisa’s Dessert House

Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops and Retro Style Chairs

Solid Wood Restaurant Table Tops

The warm chocolate themed interior is completed with solid wood table tops in a dark mahogany finish and brown vintage restaurant chairs. These commercial grade restaurant tables need no embellishments to add to their beauty and their commercial-grade quality means they require very little maintenance and will remain stain free even after getting smudged by chocolate syrup or ice-cream.

With creations as beautiful as the ones served at the Mona Lisa, customers would expect nothing less from the interior design, decor and the restaurant furniture.
Vinyl upholstered restaurant waiting bench

Waiting Benches

The beautiful and artistically decorated Mona Lisa’s desserts are as pleasing aesthetically as they are to the palate. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the interior decoration is as grand and tasteful as one of those mouthwatering desserts.

The rich wine colored waiting bench fits in seamlessly with the chocolate colored walls and floor and is the perfect spot to relax in while waiting to be seated.

The French Bread Cafe

White vinyl upholstered button tufted restaurant booth

Restaurant Booths

White is not the first color one would imagine when trying to picture a restaurant and especially not a French one. The thought of red wine or tomato sauce spilling all over the white upholstery is enough to make even the most careful person cringe and yet The French Bread Café chose white as the color of their button tufted dining booths.

Our commercial grade vinyl is not only durable but also stain resistant, allowing for even the careless diners to enjoy their meal in comfort and leaving the seating looking as good as new at the end of their meal.
wood vertical slat restaurant chairs

Wood Restaurant Chairs

While white is a luxurious and relaxing color, an all-white interior runs the risk of becoming too sterile. To prevent that and to add a warmer look to the room, vertical slat wood restaurant chairs in dark mahogany finish accompany the button tufted booths.

The contrast between the dark mahogany wood and white vinyl padded seat create the look people have come to expect from a luxurious fine dining experience.