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Restaurant Furniture Installations - Chicago

Chicago skyline

As a gourmet dining epicenter in the Midwest, Chicago is a home to world class, five star dining establishments, lively nightclubs, and neighborhood joints turning Chicago into a cityscape which provides for a wide variety of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges, each with their own unique furnishings and decors.

Whether you are opening up a steakhouse in the Near North Side's affluent Gold Coast neighborhood or remodeling a trendy tavern targeting young professionals in the hip, urban Bucktown area, is available to assist you in finding the right furniture for your décor. manufactures and provides high quality commercial grade furniture for any establishment that restaurant owners in Chicago will appreciate. Our furniture is designed to withstand the rigors in the food industry for long periods of time and won't need to be replaced in one or two years.

Simone Tacos

Black metal mesh patio chairs and tables

Commercial Patio Furniture

Restaurateurs in Chicago face stiff competition and an abundance of difficult decisions. Our professional staff is here to help them utilize their furniture design and layout to advance their businesses as we did at Simone Tacos. With outdoor iron chairs and matching tables blending in with the rustic brick exterior Simone Tacos outdoor area is inviting and winks to any passersby to sit down and enjoy a small break.
Restaurant metal ladder back chairs and wood table tops

Restaurant Tables and Chairs

Inside, the black ladder back metal chairs match the dark tiled floor allowing for the natural finish of the butcher block table tops to shine and stand out. The casual atmosphere allows people to enjoy their meal and drinks in a comfortable and unassuming atmosphere.

The Twisted Baker

Restaurant metal chairs with wood back and seat

Interchangeable Chairs

Known for being a great bakery since its establishment back in March 2008, The Twisted Baker delights hungry customers with its array of mouthwatering freshly baked pastries. To keep their customers comfortable while they sit down for a cup of coffee or a slice of cheesecake the bakery was furnished with interchangeable back metal chairs and matching interchangeable back bar stools. The walnut finish of the wood seats and back match the industrial look of the bakery and add a rustic charm that allows for the vibrant colors of their great baked goods to shine and entice the customers.
Restaurant metal chairs and bar stools with wood back and seat

Resin Table Tops

The walnut colored resin tops and black X prong iron bases perfectly match the chairs and bar stools. With a grey shaded floor the wood from the chairs, tables and bar stools looks warm and inviting proving that even in small spaces comfort and cozy design are possible to achieve without too many additional and expensive décor pieces.

Dept. of Coffee & Social Affairs

Vintage style restaurant chairs with upholstered seat and back

Vintage Chairs

Creating a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a mountain resort in the heart of the city isn’t always easy but the Department of coffee and social affairs in Chicago managed to do just that with a wonderful selection of vintage looking chairs. The black metal chairs with their Nordic design are quaint, comfortable and yes, even fun. Practically begging to be sat in, these chairs are designed to be comfortable and relaxing especially when placed in a homely atmosphere such as you can find in the Department of coffee and social affairs.
Backless metal bar stools

Backless Metal Bar Stools

Together with the vintage chairs the Department of coffee and social affairs also bought some backless metal bar stools which they placed by the windows. The lack of a back on these bar stools not only allows for an unobstructed view when unused but also means that customers can sit facing the window while conversing with other guests.