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Restaurant Furniture Denver

Denver skyline

When you think of the dining scene, Denver doesn’t often come to mind. The picturesque scenery is often associated with this city. A modern city, Denver is situated in the South Platte River that draws openness from the Great Plains on the East. A fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains is just over the west. Standing above 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver is populated with residents that are known for their sunny disposition and can-do attitude.

Though nature based activities are what tourists come to Denver for, it is also a foodie paradise. Recent years have noticed a population boom and top chefs as well as other commercial business owners are starting to pay close attention. A stroll along Larimer Square will take you to Victorian style buildings and boutique shops. As a forefront of the food hall revolution, the dining scene in Denver has gotten very exciting thus evolving to a dining destination. Sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint the success in the food industry but plays an important role.

Restaurant furniture and design

Known for the high quality commercial grade furniture and superb customer support nationwide, is a leading vendor that has served the food and hospitality industry in Denver for 10 years. Not only do we custom-made restaurant furniture that meets the highest of commercial standards but also assist owners of various restaurants, bars, hotels and non-profit organizations with seating layouts and interior designs for their venues as we had with Barricuda’s. Located on 1076 Ogden st, Barricuda’s has been Denver’s friendly neighborhood restaurant since 1994. This diner provides a relaxed atmosphere which draws a mixed crowd of people. Overtime, Barriduca’s felt it needed to upgrade its restaurant seating and turned to the expertise of the sales professionals at The wood vertical slat chairs and matching vertical slat wood bar stools seemed most ideal.

Restaurant furniture and design

Founded by Roy and Tara Gilad back in 2011 in San Ramon, California, Vitality Bowls specializes in making antioxidant rich smoothies, fresh juices, frozen yogurts soups, salads, and sandwiches. The super food café concept was inspired by searching safe and healthy food alternatives to accommodate their daughter’s server food allergies. Franchising began in 2014 when the brand witnessed a significant growth with over 40 cafes opening and developing across the USA, including a branch on 2702 East 3rd Ave in Denver. Because this café attracts customers in droves, solid wood restaurant tables that are resistant to heavy usage was crucial. Solid Wood Plank Table Tops secured with X Prong Table Bases were seen as a solution to the owners’ restaurant furnishing needs, especially at that location.

Wood restaurant furniture on location

If you love hot chicken accompanied with a mug of cold beer, you are in luck! A spinoff of the Post Brewing Co in Lafayette, the Post Chicken & Beer serves comfort food and brews its own beer that is designed to pair with every meal at its location on 2200 South Broadway. Memories are created by the dishes served at this restaurant and guests feel at home. The Post Chicken & Beer is a cozy spot for customers looking to relax and socialize over home-style meals prepared by Chef Brett Smith and his team of talented kitchen staff. As such, restaurant seating that coordinated with the venue’s interior design was necessary. The Plain Back Custom Booth does exactly that in addition to ensuring long lasting durability and maximum comfortable seating.