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Restaurant Furniture Installations - Los Angeles

Los Angeles skyline

Dining in LA is a unique experience unto itself. Dining out is a big part of the culture in LA. Known as one of the diverse cities in the West Coast, Los Angeles boasts of its wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightclubs that have lasting impressions among visitors. It is unusual to find a dining establishment anywhere in the city that isn’t busy, especially at night. While the crowd of guests vary depending on the night of the week, each nigh has the same vibe with a stylish and young crowd.

The food industry is exceptionally competitive in the Greater Los Angeles area. With an ocean of commercial establishments vying for the patronage of over 20 million residents and tourists alike, a niche, theme and a plan is crucial for the survival of your business. High quality commercial grade furniture is important component but often overlooked. For over a decade, we have provided services to customers in LA and understands the specific nuances and challenges facing restaurateurs for their seating layout in the region.

Margarita Villa

wood restaurant chairs and tables

Wood Restaurant Chairs

As expected from an authentic Mexican restaurant, the use of warm wood restaurant chairs and tables in conjuncture with the colorful wall art conveys to the guests exactly what to expect before they even sit down and read the menu.
black faux rattan patio chairs and resin table tops

Patio Restaurant Furniture

Outdoors, the black faux rattan chairs and resin tops create a mellow atmosphere allowing for the beautiful mural to shine and become the center focal point. The restaurant patio furniture looks comfortable and invites the diners to sit down and enjoy their meal in the open air.

Two Bit Circus

tolix style restaurant chairs

Distressed Red Tolix Chairs

The distressed red Tolix style chairs and bar stools look like they’ve been there for years blending in with the rest of the decor and allowing the rest of the design elements to shine through. In this large interior the industrial style restaurant furniture aids in allowing the emphasis to remains solely on the lighting and wall décor.
tolix style restaurant chairs

Tolix Restaurant Chairs

The addition of black Tolix style chairs to the red ones fit in perfectly with the main theme of the décor and dual tone that dominates the space from the black ceiling to the red lights and walls. This allows for a comfortable dining experience while at the same time providing people with a spot from which they can easily enjoy and appreciate the space they are in. Over all, industrial chairs and restaurant tables are a perfect choice for large interiors looking to impress while remaining unique and impressive.

Co-Opportunity Food Court

Industrial restaurant chairs and tables


The very large open space is using industrial style restaurant furniture in its food court. The large windows, large spotlights and light colored floor create a bright atmosphere in what could otherwise be a dark interior, especially at dusk or evening.
Industrial restaurant chairs and tables

Industrial Metal Chair with Wood Seat

The downstairs area manages to brighten up the space with a colorful painted wall and metal covered columns and glossy floor that reflect the light and enhance it. The square backs of the chairs and the square restaurant tables match the large window panes and create a nice contrast with the round columns and curved lines on the wall.

Whether your businesses services to celebrities, executives, families and tourists or singles, we have the furniture you need to make your venue a hit in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Beverly Hills or the San Fernando Valley.