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Restaurant Furniture Installations - New York

New York skyline

New York, the city that never sleeps, is the hub for tourism, entertainment, fashion and dining. At every corner, you will notice a restaurant, bakery, café, bistro, or pub. It’s no surprise that the food industry thrives in the Big Apple. It is a home to some of the world’s famous restaurants after all. The New York dining scene is something you don’t want to miss out on. As for the owners, serving food par excellence doesn’t only attribute to providing fantastic customer service. The interior design and layout speaks in high volumes about the establishment as well.

Jimmy Max

Window back metal restaurant chairs

Window Back Metal Chairs

Specializing in Gourmet Italian cuisine the restaurant follows the classical rustic look of cloth covered tables and wood paneled walls that one would expect to find back in the “old country”. The black window back metal chairs with wood seats fit in perfectly with the décor. Blending in and not standing out they help to bring out the wood panels and enhance the rustic atmosphere.
Window back metal restaurant chairs

Metal Restaurant Chairs

It might look like the wood panels and the black metal chairs would create a somewhat somber ambience but the white tablecloths and clever use of floral and other centerpieces add bright colors and allow the owners to quickly and simply change the décor to whenever they want to and to customize it for special events as well. Sometimes the old saying “simple is better” holds true.

Railway Ventures

tolix style restaurant chairs and industrial tables

Industrial Restaurant Furniture

The large industrial space was furnished with Tolix style chairs and bar stools with matching industrial style tables. The industrial furniture looks as if it was especially made for the Spartan decorated space where the only color comes from the metal beams and the wood table tops and seats.
tolix style restaurant chairs and industrial tables

Industrial Restaurant Chairs

The full-height windows occupying an entire wall allow natural light to get in brightening the room and enhancing the industrial elements both in the décor and the furniture. The red metal and dark walnut finished wood become an attractive focal point requiring no extra additions to create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

The Thayer Hotel

upholstered back wood restaurant chairs

Fully Padded Restaurant Chair

The luxurious interior of the Thayer hotel includes a beautiful mix of light and dark elements combined with touches of gold. When fully lit, the rich design is enhanced by the fully padded mahogany finished wood chairs which fit in seamlessly with the rest of the décor.
upholstered back wood restaurant chairs

Wood Restaurant Chairs

Under a dimmer lighting the warm tones of the wood chairs help fade them into the background allowing the lush golden decorations to literally shine through. Nothing says fine-dining like the warm tones of wood combined with elaborate decorations and intricate lighting fixtures.

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