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Restaurant Furniture Brews a New Industrial Look for Akademia’s Décor

industrial restaurant furniture and design

If you're a night owl and you enjoy a tasty brew and good pub fare, then Akademia Brewing Co. may be just up your alley. Located in Athens, Georgia, a city that is known for its antebellum architecture.

Akademia Brewing is a brewpub and a full service restaurant. They offer a wide selection of craft beers that are brewed on site as well as a range of international lagers, porters, stouts, pale ales and IPAs. They also have many wines, ale, cocktails and spirits to choose from. True to its independent nature, Akademia Brewery sources its spirits from local and regional independent distilleries. For vodka they offer Cathead Vodka, the oldest distillery in Mississippi and for whiskey they serve Old Forester, a Kentucky distillery established in 1870. They also serve large spirit brand such as Jack Daniels, Crown Royal and Jameson. Akademia mission is dedicated to crafting distinct, consistent ales with unique twists to provide a broad range of quality, ales each with a unique twist while still providing a balanced and delightful flavor profile that re sure to please patrons taste buds.

Since no beer is complete without a side of food, Akademia offers delicious pub fare inspired by seasonal ingredients that is sure to leave patrons satisfied. For starters popular menu items include Wagyu Kobe Dog (served on a pretzel bun), bratwurst, bangers and mash, sauteed broccoli and cerberus tripleta and fries. Lunch dishes include wings & fries, Black Forest ham and cheese sandwich, burgers, wild mushroom pasta and chili garlic shrimp. For vegans hey also offer vegetarian wraps, salads & vegan brat. Hearty entrees include grilled salmon, braised beef short rib, shrimp & grits, wild mushroom pasta, stuffed portobello mushroom, ale battered fish and bangers & mash.

The Industrial Style Design

industrial style restaurant furniture

Industrial Metal Chairs

The bar stools are combined with matching metal chairs in silver finish. The silver color also enhanced the ambiance and complements the silver bands on the reclaimed rain barrels that serve as a table base and centerpiece for all of the tables. The metal chairs and bar stools which can also be used as patio furniture since they are weatherproof and rust-proof are a wise choice because they are extremely durable and can withstand heavy usage without showing signs of wear and tear. For tables, they chose use distressed wood table tops which are perfectly supported by the rain barrels underneath.
industrial style restaurant furniture

Industrial Metal Bar Stool

The industrial look reigns supreme in the brewery with exposed ventilation ducts, beamed ceiling and large brew tanks on display. The look is accentuated using industrial metal bar stools in a silver finish. The vertical slats on the back of the bar stools add to the industrial vibe by complementing the exposed pipes and ducts. The low hanging light fixtures are another aspect of the industrial style design which while adding much needed light into the room still allows for the atmosphere to remain understated and intimate.
Akademia Brewing Company

Akademia has recently stepped up its community involvement in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has taken a huge toll on their business as it has on countless other restaurants, eateries,bars and other small businesses. In an effort to keep their dedicated staff employed they have launched a community outreach program to offer meals to those in the community who are the most at risk. They are donating 150 hot meals through their Daily Bread program to feed people in need residing in Athens. They have received a generous donation to help extend the program and are looking to partner with other charitable organizations having found some corporate sponsors who are willing to contribute. Akademia has also expanded curbside service and home delivery service due to the CDC restrictions on social distancing that do not allow the restaurant to operate at full capacity.

Akademia Brew Pub's interior has the clean, industrial look and feel of a large warehouse tap room. Owners Matt Casey and Morgan Wireman created a casual, relaxing atmosphere utilizing the vast floor space in a way that has an open feel and at the same times gives customers intimacy. The craft brews, tasty food with an international flair combined to create the ideal environment for the community to come and socialize and throw back a few. The owners chose the name Akademia as an homage to the Greek roots of Athens and the rich academics of nearby University of Georgia. So they felt Athens was the ideal location for their brewpub. One of the first things you notice when entering the large brewpub dining room is a large Greek inspired mural depicting the entire brewing process. Almost all of the brewpubs decor is locally hand-crafted or made from objects that have been repurposed from everything from lighting fixtures to reclaimed rain barrels that are used as table bases.

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