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Roper’s Regal Beagle - Alton , IL

Roper’s Regal Beagle - Alton , IL

Located at the edge of Alton township just on the Illinois side of St. Louis, Roper’s Regal Beagle sports bar and grill caters to the diehard sports fan and patron looking to unwind and let loose. Sporting a selection of 21 beers on tap and a well-furnished bar with an equally sizable selection of bourbons for those in the market for something stronger, the Regal Beagle has a list of libations suited to meet any possible taste.

If the drinks aren’t enough, the grill menu is expansive and varied, ranging from fish and sandwiches to steak and pizza. For lighter fare, the kitchen offers an excellent selection of appetizers, soups, and salads, and a weekly Taco Tuesday offering softshell tacos, beef nachos, and $3 margaritas. Those who come to the regal Beagle expecting standard bar fare and quality are sure to have their expectations exceeded.

The Beagle’s dining area is open and comfortable without being claustrophobic; eight-seat dining tables are spaced intermittently along the floor, with the bar offering additional seating. Both are furnished with sturdy metal-framed dining chairs. The simulator rooms feature round high-tops and similarly matching bar stools, lending these areas a very slight air of exclusivity and class. The exposed grey brickwork walls and ducts that run along the ceiling corners give off a mild impression of a comfortable utilitarian space, pulled into minimalism by the sheer presence of the large screens surrounding the dining area. The lighting is soft and muted, keeping visibility comfortable while improving visibility for sports fans with their focus more on the televised games than their food or beer. The Beagle strives to give patrons a welcoming, comfortable space to root and cheer or a casual yet quality weeknight dining experience, and is built, styled, and furnished to provide this.

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While the Regal Beagle has a truly impressive menu for both food and drink, the establishment offers experiences outside of standard dining. Television screens are mounted to every wall, providing a clean view of the game from every corner of the floor. The Beagle is also host to a truly unique experience, a pair of PGA-sanctioned golf simulator suites. With 22-foot curved screens, a selection of over seventy world-famous courses, and the software capability to analyze gameplay data points such as swing speed and distance control, these simulators are the best you can get outside of the real experience. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for something more lighthearted, you might try out one of the slightly less realistic putt-putt courses with a friend or three. The Regal Beagle also offers reservations for these simulators, making them a perfect opportunity for a weekend outing or get-together with friends.

Dressed in tall Granite Table Tops on stout modern aluminum table bases and elongated back metal bar stools and matching restaurant chairs, the Regal Beagle’s new furniture is the final stitch in its tapestry of modern industrialism. The metal-framed chairs and bar stools are built every bit as stout as they look, with welded, clear-coated metal frames designed to stand up to the rigorous day-to-day use of rowdy sports friends. The granite table tops are solid and lend quiet style to their purpose without being overly-gaudy or ornamental.

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Together, the tables and bar stools mesh in an unexpected but perfectly natural way. They are sturdy, offer excellent support, and proffer little interference both visually and physically, allowing guests to focus purely on the Regal Beagle’s atmosphere, dining experience, or nightly game. While Roper’s Regal Beagle ordered their bar stools and chairs with solid wood seats, they are also available in both padded vinyl and padded fabric finish options.

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