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Squeeze Burger - Stockton, CA

Squeeze Burger

The original Squeeze Inn was located in Sacramento on the corner of Fruitridge and Power Inn. The restaurant consisted of eleven bar stools and was a total of about 450 square feet. In 2007, they were featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and their burger was named one of the best burgers in the nation. Since then, they have been able to expand to multiple locations. The latest location was opened recently in Stockton, California. The new location is a standalone structure and has a drive-in as well as a dining room and patio seating. Reflecting California car culture, the restaurant has become very popular with car enthusiasts who bring their classic cars and exotic sports cars to the drive-in weekly for an unofficial car show.

About Squeeze Burger - When Functionality Meets Design

Squeeze Burger in Stockton has 22 beers on tap. In addition to their specialty burgers they also serve sandwiches such as their steak sandwich and teriyaki sandwich as well as sandwiches made with organic, free range chicken. For something different, they also serve cheese-skirted tacos, sliders, hot dogs, corn dogs and salads. All produce is delivered fresh and cut that morning for the finest flavor. They use fresh ground beef for their patties and their bread is delivered daily from a local baker.

industrial restaurant furniture

The structure of their newest Stockton location resembles a ranch house. There is ample parking and a spacious interior with a large outdoor seating area. While the restaurant interior design could be described as industrial rustic. The dining area has polished concrete flooring colored in a swirl of shades of brown and earth tones for a natural outdoor look. The walls have wood paneling and the ceiling has wood rafters with ceiling fans, exposed exhaust ducts and track lighting. Other hanging lighting features have a simple design and an industrial motif. The interior also has a bar with a granite counter-top with stone facade on the front and on the wall behind it. The rustic, industrial style decor and industrial style furniture goes well with the restaurant’s image as a casual place to go for good pub fare and craft beers.

Extra Wide Bistro Style Metal Chair

Bistro Style Metal Chairs

The industrial style metal chair has a wide seat for extra comfort and is waterproof and UV resistant making it perfect for the outdoors since it won’t rust or get damaged by the elements. It also complemented the rustic, industrial decor indoors with a stylish appearance. Also available in red or black finish, the clear finish extra wide bistro chairs are quickly becoming a staple for those looking to introduce the industrial tolix style seating into their establishments.
bistro style restaurant bar stools

Bistro Style Metal Bar Stools

Matching clear coat bistro style bar stools provide additional seating, both indoors and outdoors. Ideal for those looking for a quick snack and a taste from Squeeze Burger’s variety of beers on tap, the bar stools are both comfortable and practical. The tolix bistro style chairs and bar stools create a cohesive industrial theme. Easy to clean and maintain they leave the owners and staff with ample time to focus on the quality food and atmosphere which Squeeze Burger is known for.

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