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Stress Factory - Bridgeport, CT

Stress Factory

The Stress Factory Comedy Club brings the nation’s top headliners every week. Located on State Street in the heart of historical Bridgeport, Connecticut the Stress Factory is housed in a beautiful, historic neoclassical building built in 1892, is a well-known comedy venue and has been hosted by many famous comedians such as Sinbad, John Leguizano and D.L. Hughely.

The interior has been upgraded for contemporary times but still preserves the building’s historic past with high vaulted ceilings, exposed brick walls and stone laid floors. The club has several levels, including a restaurant and bar on the mezzanine level styled in classical decor. With large, framed windows to let in plenty of natural light and high ceiling, the bistro has a grand feel. Light stone colored walls and ceilings also give it a light and airy ambiance. The interior design has a traditional look that fits in with the historical building yet at the same time has an open, contemporary feel.

restaurant seating

The comedy club’s restaurant was modernized and refurbished with all the commercial furniture needed to do a complete makeover and give the restaurant and bar a completely fresh and new look from tables and chairs to booths our large selection of premium quality, American made restaurant furniture helped to provide the venue with all their needs.

The elegant looking bar stools match the padded-back wood chairs and also come in dark mahogany finish and black vinyl upholstery. The luxurious padded bar stools give the decor a touch of contemporary style and feel and blend in with the interior motif. The natural look and feel of solid wood adds to the upscale look and also complements the other natural elements such as the stone wall and tile flooring.

Restaurant interior

The solid wood padded back chairs are made in the USA by restaurant The chairs come in dark mahogany finish with padded back and seat upholstered in black vinyl. The deluxe chair allows guests to have a luxurious experience while they are enjoying the beautiful setting. The black upholstery also goes nicely with the black booths and adds an element of style and sophistication to the dining area upgrading the restaurant’s look.

The comfortable, US made 6 channel booths come upholstered in black vinyl and 42” height back. The booths can be custom made and contribute to the decor adding a prestigious look. Booths are a great way to give customers the privacy that they crave and they also help maximize floor space. The Stress Factory placed the booths around the perimeter of the restaurant providing a nice contrast to the light colored interior.

Restaurant Booths and Tables

To go with the chairs and booths, impressive butcher block table tops in natural finish were chosen. The 1.5 inch solid wood table tops are also made in the USA from wood responsibly harvested. The solid wood tables add to the prestigious look of the restaurants and go great with the rest of the furniture. The natural beauty of the wood has an impressive look and also flows well with the other natural elements.

Restaurant Booths and Tables

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