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Sidewalk Cafe - Sumter's option for Healthy Dining

Sidewalk Cafe

The Sidewalk Cafe was opened in 2017 by Dr. Tracey Flemming to give the residents of Sumter, South Carolina a healthy dining option. Dr. Fleming realized in 2013 when she was training for a body building competition that there were very few health dining out options in Sumter, Her trainer Missy suggested the idea to her of opening her own cafe.

The cafe is open for breakfast lunch and dinner and serves healthy dishes, appetizers and drinks. All dishes are listed with complete nutritional information with calories, saturated fat, carbs sugars and protein listed. As part of the healthier eating trend they also offer simple desserts and are currently transitioning to a macaron bakery.

A macaron is a French pastry, that usually comes in colorful pastel colors and is made in a variety of flavors such as banana pudding, blue raspberry lemonade, chocolate, lemonade and red velvet. All of their macarons are baked from scratch in their kitchen and are filed with buttercream frosting making them a perfect ending for a healthy meal. Good thing they're small.

Tolix style restaurant chairs

Tolix Style Black Metal Chairs

The interior is warm and welcoming with a contemporary ambiance and an industrial style interior. The owner was looking for modern, comfortable furniture that would blend in with the cafe's decor. She knew she could count on us to be able to provide her with the best furniture at a good price. She also needed sturdy customer seating that would be able to handle the rigors of heavy commercial use. She found just what she was looking for with our bistro style metal chairs in black finish. The Tolix style chairs which are a staple of the industrial style decor are perfectly matched with the terracotta tiled floors, and bare, light colored walls. Tracey was very happy with how they matched the decor.
wood restaurant booths

Wood Restaurant Booths

For additional seating she chose wood benches with mahogany finish. Tracey wanted to buy American products, so she was happy to find out that the benches are made in the US and that they are made from solid wood, responsibly harvested in the Midwest. The wooden benches can be custom made to any shape size or finish and come with optional padded back and seating or solid wood. She chose the wood back and seats which went perfectly with the cafe's interior design and the resin table tops in mahogany finish, ordered to match the mahogany benches. The resin table tops were a smart choice because they look like real wood, yet are very tough and scratch resistant, so they will continue to look great for years to come without showing signs of wear and tear.
sidewalk cafe

As part of their healthy eating ideology, The Sidewalk Cafe offers healthy appetizers such as veggie flatbread, charcuterie and cheese platter and chicken wings are offered. Scrumptious sandwiches such as grilled portobello mushroom, chicken salad sandwich and a lean cheeseburger on a brioche bun are on the menu. Customers can also choose from a variety of salads, for a more healthy, low-calorie option. Entrees include southern favorites such okra and tomatoes, shrimp and grits along with sirloin steak, a refreshing vegetable plate and tasty blueberry BBQ chicken. There are also special children's favorites on the kid's menu which has childhood favorites such as mac & cheese, chicken tenders and pepperoni pizza. Customers like the super healthy protein bowls such as the Tzatziki chicken bowl. They use only olive oil in their cooking, which shows their commitment to healthy eating.

The cafe also serves alcoholic beverages including assorted wines, including Sidewalk Southern Charm, their signature wine. For customers in a more festive mood prosecco is also on the menu, along with chardonnays, pinot grigio, fiori moscato and pinot noir. Popular beers such as Budweiser, Bud Light and Michelob are also on tap. Dessert options include simple favorites such as cinnamon rolls, cookies with ice cream and chocolate covered strawberry tart. And the aforementioned macarons.

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