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Union House in Genesee Goes Upscale with New Interior

Union House in Genesee Goes Upscale with New Interior

We don’t only eat with our eyes when it comes to food. In architectural terms, it also stands to reason that the design is just as delectable as the food. Upscale and classy are the first words that come to mind in a fine dining establishment. Union House in Genesee gives those words a whole new meaning.

Located in the heart of the historic Genesse Depot, The Union House restaurant redefines genre by offering a sophisticated and sleek fine dining experience for a wide range of clientele. Overlooking the scenic and serene view of Wisconsin, this restaurant hasn’t scrimped on the design. The interior design itself reflects the unique concept by featuring luxurious dark hues and neutral color accents with opulent restaurant furnishings, dim lighting to set the romantic mood and velvety carpet flooring.

Button Tufted Restaurant Booths

The black button tufted booths are one of the main focal points in the dining room. Made in the USA by our most skilled craftsmen, the booths fit in perfectly with the classic old school motif of the Prohibition era and offer more than just comfortable seating. They are an integral part of the design as well as help to maximize the restaurant’s floor space providing guests with much desired privacy.

Button Tufted Restaurant Booth

Restaurant Booths

The button tufted booth is not only comfortable but also adds to the upscale look of the interior. The button tufted back is a much loved classical look that evokes images of expensive sofas while the padded seat and back can be upholstered in a variety of fabric and vinyl options that help to integrate the button tufted booth with the rest of the furniture. In this case the light gray seat upholstery matches the color scheme of the walls and carpeting to perfection.
Curved Back Wood Restaurant Chair

Wood Restaurant Chairs

To go with the booths, curved back restaurant chairs were added. The wood chairs come in black finish to match the booths and to blend naturally with the interior color scheme. The wood grain helps to bring out the inherent beauty of the chairs and adds to their warm and inviting look. The white table tops enhancing the overall image even more.
Wood Restaurant Chairs

The design of the space works harmoniously with the existing configuration and inserts both modern and traditional elements to reflect the restaurant’s eclectic mix of classic fine dining and contemporary preparations. Smooth lines and lustrous surfaces define the space that is rooted in the chandeliers, dark wood curved chairs, tables dressed in white table cloths and the dining room awash with light from the outside that diffuse a warm glow. These charming combinations of modern textures and colors along with a classic timeless touch to the design treats guests to an intimate and comfortable upscale dining experience.

Restaurant Bar stools and Bar Area

The bar is naturally the centerpiece of the space that creates a communal gathering and inviting ambiance. Furnished with elongated wood bar stools around the marble island the bar space encourages free-flowing movement and accessibility. Ultimately, people should feel comfortable enough to stand and mingle, as well as properly relax in a bar stool.