Chiavari Cushions

Since these restaurant chairs are used in large events you can sometimes find chiavari chairs for sale in bulk allowing you to save money on these already fairly priced items. Often they will come with plain, un-upholstered seats. In those cases cushions can and should be added for a very small price. Cushions play a vital role in not only making the banquet chairs look good but provide an added level of comfort to your guests. Never underestimate the importance of seemingly small things to the overall impression people have of an event.

Wholesale Chiavari Style Chairs

Logistics are also another component that adds to the chiavari chair’s style. They look especially elegant when lined up in a row thus allowing for greater seating capacity due to their small footprint. With additional materials and finishes, our gold, clear, silver vein and copper vein can be used to elevate the dramatic and graceful appearance of your tablescape.

  • White chiavari chairs blend in with most decors allowing them to take a background role allowing other design elements like flower arrangements to be front and center.
  • Gold chairs add a warm, classic touch with a hint of opulence.
  • Silver chairs look great outdoors, reflecting the sunlight during the day and candle light at evening.

They are easy to own, transport and maintain. They also stack which is critical for rental companies and other venues. And the best thing of all, they are inexpensive! Especially when bought in bulk.

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