Available in a variety of finishes, styles and materials, you are sure to find the perfect folding chair that matches your needs the best. They are suitable for any occasion:

  • Formal gatherings
  • Sports events
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Everyday dining

Why Buy Folding Chairs?

Built to collapse for storage when not in use, these commercial folding chairs are constructed from an assortment of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

They are made to last in even the most rigorous environments. Low maintenance, easy to clean and stow away, these folding chairs are especially convenient if you are looking for an affordable alternative for your layout. From commercial metal folding chairs to wood folding chairs, our restaurant dining chairs are made of heavy-duty commercial materials with a high weight capacity and therefore can hold up to many years of heavy use in any high traffic environment.

When you buy these for your events you can rely on our commercial grade folding chairs. Versatile enough for both casual and high-end events, our chairs make a great and economical addition for any business. Setting and closing up banquets and parties has never been simpler thanks to our selection. We also sell restaurant folding tables that are built to serve in a multitude of commercial settings.

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