The Perfect Retro Look

With chrome plated metal frame and special vinyl upholstery these bar stools are perfect to create your retro look. The matte chrome has a glossy finish that reminds people of the popular day when the space race began. Not all diners have the same look, they all have their own unique appeal, but one thing that is common is they have a welcoming, comfortable look that makes guests feel at home. Vintage style chairs with their classic vinyl upholstery in unique colors such as glittery deep space blue and the classic red help to complete the look.

Going All the Way

To create a cohesive look it is important to furnish your diner with commercial furniture that keeps in with your theme. Matching diner chairs, tables and diner booths combine to create the ultimate retro look. Whether it’s our plain back diner style booth with glittery upholstery or aluminum edge laminate table tops, we have everything you need to complete your diner.

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