Booth Table Shapes

Booth tables come in a number of shapes and sizes, depending on the booths they are used with:
  • Rectangle booth tables
  • Cut corner
  • Square
  • Round

    Clipped – Corner Booth Table

    Corner booths can accommodate large or small parties looking for more intimacy. A clipped corner table, with the outward-jutting corner removed, is a good combination with the corner booths . This style of table features corners which are clipped to a 45-degree angle. The tables are asymmetrical, matching the shape of the booths which is more aesthetically pleasing. The cut-corner tables are also safer for patrons making it easier for diners to get in and out of the booths. They are safer for servers as well making it easier for them to serve food and drinks without bumping into the corner. This will enhance your customer dining experience and is worth considering when you are planning the installation of your restaurant booth tables.

    The table tops are made in the USA and come standard in laminate or solid wood. The table tops come in a variety of premium finishes. Solid wood table tops are made in a 7 stage staging process using Scherwin Williams finishes which makes them durable for tough commercial use. The laminate table tops come in a wide arrange of colors and table edge options.

    General Information

    • The booth tables are made in the US
    • Easy to maintain table top
    • Solid wood available in bull-nose or eased edge
    • Laminate table tops are available in a wide selection of WilsonArt or Formica laminates

    Customization Options

    The Booth Tables can be custom made to any shape or size. They can also be made of laminate or solid wood in any finish to match the restaurant booths, the décor and the rest of the restaurant tables.

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