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Elegant Chiavari Chairs: The best choice for Your Venue

Metal chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs have graced many venues and events for over 200 years with their elegant and timeless design. If you have been to a wedding or to a banquet hall, the chances that you sat in a Chiavari chair are likely. These banquet chairs are strong and durable in spite of their feminine, graceful and delicate appearances. Lightweight and easy to stack, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that the popularity of these chairs has reached new heights in the market. Over time, they have evolved into what they are presently known as the classic wedding chair.

History of Chiavari Chairs

The origins of chiavari seating date back to 1807 in the Italian village it was named after: Chiavari, located within the Province of Genoa. Crafted by local cabinet maker Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, the design was modeled after several Parisian chairs. Shortly thereafter, the Chiavari chairs were born from Descalzi’s creativity and goal of creating a durable yet lightweight banquet chair with an elegant style and dramatic flair that would later on fashion a multi-century trend. Originally built of solid cherry wood, these chairs known as the Chiavarine, have stunned many and Descalzi received high praise for their beauty and durability which he achieved in his design: a design that far exceeded the Parisian chairs which inspired him to create Chiavari chairs.

Lighter than the Parisian original yet able to hold more weight, Descalzi was successful in designing Chiavari chairs that not only possess the classical look from the era they were crafted but also boasts of practicality and quality – all of which were created by a visionary! Since their inception, these chairs are featured in many variations, and styles but quality is what makes them exceptional nominating them the seating choice for upscale dining establishments, formal events, country clubs, presidential banquets, and even royal weddings. They are continuously sought out by those who value affordability, convenience and design.


Chiavari chairs

Referred to as balloon-backed chairs, Chiavari chairs were based on the Louis XV panel-back side chair which was not designed with upholstery. They have come a long way from transitioning from dining room to ballroom chairs. Chiavari seating has been the standard at royal functions and has been perched from many famous (and infamous) historical figures such as King Fernando of Spain, Napoleon, and Queen Victoria. They have now evolved to being a staple at the Grammy’s, tuxedo events and communal soirees across the globe. Though Chiavari is not a brand name, many manufacturers produce their own variation. The most common derivation of the original Chiavari chair in the market is the Tiffany chair Regardless of what they are called, these banquet chairs are recognizable for their beauty, quality and lasting craftsmanship which continues onward to this very day – offering an enduring and timeless design welcomed by many venues.

From the 19th century to this very day, the Chiavari chair is a masterpiece created by a graceful design illustrated by the sleek yet delicate lines matched with durability that stands the test of time. Whether this chair is used for commercial or residential purposes (in some cases), its lightness and simplicity emanates an aura of refined sophistication. Available in multiple colors and materials, selecting the Chiavari chair for your venue may be daunting. Deciding between white resin chiavari chairs and wood chiavari chairs can be difficult to make. Knowing which style is best suited for your décor may help narrow down your search.


Colorful chiavari chairs

Chiavari chairs continue to be the banquet chairs event planners and hoteliers clamor for due to their affordability, commercial grade quality, easy stacking capabilities, lightweight design and durable construction. They have many uses and their versatility is demanded by banquet halls and conference rooms. Though considered as an inexpensive seating option for many looking for an affordable solution, these multipurpose chairs are a perfect fit for any type of function or affair. They essentially allow venues to accommodate any type of audience at any event. Furthermore, many chiavari chairs for sale include customization options which you can use to design them to your preference.

Event rental companies, party planners, and banquet halls are increasingly noticing and appreciating the advantages that chiavari chairs offer. But many are unsure whether to choose metal, wood, or resin chiavari chairs. Each product and application comes with their own benefits. Wood chairs are recommended for facilities with a rustic décor. Metal/aluminum chairs are lightweight and stackable, saving you floor space. Resin chairs provide maximum durability and are scratch resistant. Once you decide on a material, you can customize the frame finish, cushion, and style. Regardless on how you design your chiavari chairs, one thing is certain; they earned a well-deserved hype that have and will continue to make them vogue. Only history can tell.

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