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Restaurant Booth Design: How to customize your booth online

Restaurant booths and tables

Restaurant booths can be a smart addition to your seating plan. Customers usually prefer booths for their comfort and privacy. They can also help maximize your dining room floor space.

Booths specs diagram

Despite the fact that restaurant booths usually require more of an investment upfront, booths actually make a more efficient use of space than other types of restaurant furniture, such as tables and chairs. A booth that seats 4 people typically takes up about 3000 square inches of floor spaces whereas a table and 4 chairs can take up more than 5000 square inches of floor space.

One of the advantages of restaurant booths is that they can be customized to your exact specifications based on your needs and preferences. Booths can be custom made in any size or shape and they can also be made out of just about any material.

You can design your restaurant booth to match your décor. You can also creating an original design for your booth that will make a bold statement. Your booth design can match your motif and ambiance and also create a recognizable signature for your restaurant.

Your booth dimensions will help determine the how far apart you should space them in order to maximize use of your floor space. Standard seating depth for restaurant booths should be 16" – 18". In a standard seating layout the booth should align with the edge of the table. The total booth width will range between 64" – 74". The seat back depth should be 3" – 4" and typical seat heights are 16" – 18".

To help ensure proper spacing, for a 30" wide table, there should be 72" from the middle of the table to the center of the top caps. For a 24" wide table there should be 66" from the middle of the table to the center of the top caps. The top cap is the top part of the booth.

Vinyls and fabric swatches

After you’ve determined what your spacing requirements are and the size of your booths, you can start the fun process of choosing a style and shape for your booth. There are many different styles to choose from, whether you decide to go with a wood bench and back or a fully upholstered booth. If you’re not sure which style is right for your venue, our restaurant seating experts will be glad to help.

Next you will need to decide if you want to go with traditional single or double style booths or if you want to go with L shape, ½ circle or ¾ circle booths which are perfect for corners. Many restaurateurs opt to go with a wall bench, which is a half booth with a bench on one side and chairs opposite it. This is a smart option that gives you more flexibility with larger parties.

There are many different upholstery options to choose from. You can choose from a wide selection of vinyl and fabric options in many different colors and styles. You can also have your booth custom made to your exact specifications with just about any material. You can also mix upholstery on the back and seat if you need to. It’s even possible to have your logo on the booth.

All of Restaurant’s booths are made in the USA by skilled craftsmen with American materials. Upholstered restaurant booths are made with quality high density foam. The solid wood frames are constructed with double-dowel and glue joints for extra support.

We know that customizing you restaurant booth can be challenging. Our sales agents have years of experience in the restaurant furniture industry and will be happy to help you in any way possible – whether it’s planning your seating arrangement of assisting you in customizing your booths. We’re here to help with all of your commercial seating needs.

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