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Restaurant Furniture Installations - Houston

Houston skyline

Houston’s combination of Southern charm and international appeal has played host to many commercial industries. With approximately 2.2 million residents, Houston is ranked as the 4th most populous city in the USA. Over 145 languages are spoken due to the large immigration population that the city contains. According to Forbes, Houston is the first among the US cities where paychecks stretch the furthest. It is also the home to the second largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies in the country.

As the largest city in the Southwest, Houston attracts visitors and locals with a mix of world class arts, thriving businesses, sports centers, and award winning restaurants. Steakhouses, seafood buffets, and Italian themed dining rooms have dominated Houston in the 1970’s. Houston has evolved to being a metropolis, emerging as the country’s top restaurant cities. Subsequently, Houston opens many doors of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs, especially those who are looking to establish their restaurant business.

With 10 years of experience working in the hospitality and food industry, has facilitated in many enterprises in Houston. From bar stools, booths, chairs, table sets to patio furniture, is here to help commercial venues flourish. This leading commercial grade furniture supplier is reputable nationwide in manufacturing high quality, stylish and affordable furniture. Owners are sure to find the right items that coordinate with their layout as they did at Beans Café Coffee House. Located on 1127 Eldridge Pkwy, this independent coffee shop makes a great destination for socializing or studying while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Customers particularly find the patio to be their favorite dining spot. They updated the seating layout of their patio with garden patio chairs with armrest which they purchased from

Although Houston is known as the barbecue/beef town in the Southwest, the owners at Beijing Chinese Restaurant has delighted many palates with Chinese cuisine on 1546 Fm 1960 road at West Houston. The menu and dining options has changed since its grand opening in 1978. However, the restaurant’s commitment to fresh, high quality ingredients and service has always been the cornerstone of its success. As was maintaining and providing comfortable seating for guests which was paramount.’s quick-ship plain booths were the perfect solution to the restaurant’s seating needs. These restaurant booths add more diversity to any seating plan and attract more customers within only 7 to 10 days of delivery! also boasts of excellent services to charity organizations such as Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM). Since 1983, MAM has dedicated to helping people secure their future through employment workshops, rent assistance, counseling services, certified nursing assistant training, financial management education and more. They recently ordered plastic teak metal patio chairs and stainless steel table sets for their outdoor space from

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