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What Restaurant Owners Need to Know about Cyber Security

The food and hospitality industry is vulnerable to cyber security threats and attacks like as any other industry. Hackers literally have various dining establishments in their cross hairs. After recently being alerted by government officials, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brews informed shareholders that criminals have targeted restaurants to mine personal data about staff and customers alike. Hence, cyber security directly affects the restaurant business as well as patrons. Losing customers’ personal information can potentially reduce a restaurant’s foot traffic. However, this predicament can be avoided if restaurant owners are proactive in securing the IT infrastructure which can save them a lot of money but most importantly, create a safe environment for their customers.

Restaurant Trends that are Going Mainstream in 2018

With 2017 making its exit, 2018 ushers in new trends, new goals but above all, new restaurant décor ideas. Realistically speaking, most restaurants don’t change their décor annually but there are touch-ups that can be used that match with the theme. New food industry trends are constantly in the making. The restaurant business is evolving so rather than bucking the trend, embracing changes can create business opportunities and drive sales. Whether you are looking to open a restaurant or need to remodel your current venue, below are several restaurant trends for 2018 to consider.

Make the Most of Your Restaurant Business during a Slow Season

Business can fluctuate and unfortunately the restaurant industry is not immune to slow seasons. When the economy is prospering, customer numbers remain steady or increase. Moreover, seasonal changes can have an impact in the restaurant business as well. For instance, during the hottest days of summer or the winter’s frigid temperatures may discourage patrons from visiting your restaurant which can have a drastic effect on your revenue. As difficult and sometimes hopeless as the circumstances may seem, there are ways to keep business running its course even when it come to a standstill.

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Design Ideas and Layout Tips for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Eating out is increasingly becoming more common in the era where our schedules are very busy. As we work longer hours, we are finding ourselves to have less time to eat lunch or dinner at home. Occasionally, there are times when we willingly decide to eat out at our favorite restaurant or at a new venue that recently opened up in the community. Cafes and coffee houses are two of the world’s most popular dining venues. Many people, however, often confuse cafes with coffee houses but the concept of interior design is very similar. Knowing the difference between a café and a coffee shop will help you understand which design idea works best for your venue.

Office Kitchen Design and Layout Mistakes to Avoid

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in an office. It is a space for many activities such as cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, and socializing in between breaks during long working hours. Organization and layout are essential to any office kitchen design. There are many mistakes that people run into whether they are building a new office kitchen or remodeling an old one. Here are the following mistakes that are preventable when thinking of a design and layout for your office kitchen. Learning the do’s and don’ts of layouts and designs can transpire your kitchen from a cramped and chaotic space into an organized and tranquil zone hence creating a sense of balance an order.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant Booths

Booths are a popular seating option with restaurant owners but more importantly with restaurant patrons. Most people given the option to choose between regular seating and booths will go for the booths. Their comfortable seating, pleasing aesthetics and allowance for more privacy they are an alluring addition to most if not all dining venues.