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5 Great Sustainability Initiatives for the Hotel Industry

Sustainability in the hospitality industry has gained significant attention over the past several decades. Around the globe, discussions on the issue of sustainability in hotel industry are still ongoing as trends and challenges are constantly emerging. Hoteliers have especially turned their focus to the importance of environmental sustainability as it heavily relates to their industry in terms of hotel development and operations extending to economic and social impact. Sustainability is one of the issues we are currently addressing which is one of the reasons why hotels should go green.

What are the Key Features of the Best Restaurant Reservation Systems?

Technology has and continues to touch every facet of our lives. From the emergence of mobile devise to cloud computing, technology is making more of an impact in our business ventures. It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without finding a high-tech piece of hardware or software around. These technical advances have made an impact everywhere, but especially in the food industry. At the very least, the innovation of technology plays an integral role in the development of the restaurant reservation system which most food service establishments are utilizing to the maximum.

Common Restaurant Startup Business Mistakes Owners and Managers Make

Restaurant managers and staff alike share a common goal which is to climb the professional ranks in the food industry. Most people enter the realm of the restaurant business with hopes for opportunity and success in their endeavors. And if you are especially beginning to embark on your own journey of running your own business, the last thing you would anticipate is failure. But every now and then, we become blindsided by our delusions of grandeur and ignore the risk factors which can cost us time, money, and our business.

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Coworking Cafe: How to Turn Your Cafe Into A Coworking Space

Converting an empty office into a coworking space isn’t cheap; doing so requires you to pay for rent, buy furniture, and even perhaps a fancy coffeemaker. While the cost of renting out of a restaurant office space including a coworking membership is an affordable alternative for entrepreneurs and freelancers to an actual office, the price may vary on the location of the restaurant and how much access to privacy they want. Work space in restaurants and cafes is gradually becoming a popular trend which many people are putting to the test.

Turning the Restaurant Tables: How to Maximize Table Turnover Rates

Experienced restaurateurs know better than anyone else that getting restaurant tables in and out is an art that can take time to master; a skill novices will learn soon enough. Even though a high table turnover rate can boost revenue, ensuring a comfortable and satisfying dining experience for your customers is paramount as they are your backbone of your business there needs to be a fair balance in maximizing your profits in such a way that is not aggressive but rather makes customers feel welcomed and appreciated at your restaurant.

Breathtaking Layout Ideas for a Rooftop Bar Design

While each rooftop bar and restaurant is unique from one another, they all offer the same item on their menus: a breathtaking scenic view which patrons can enjoy. Rooftop bars and restaurants are one of the latest trends in the food industry. Especially when the golden hour reaches the summer evening, socializing over cocktails from the rooftops of bars, clubs, and restaurants overlooking panoramic views after work hours is something most of us look forward to. A rooftop bar design can take developing outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment to new heights. Perched on top of tall buildings of hotels, restaurants, or cliffs, restaurant roof top designs can make a statement.